Inspection Service

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Ensure That Your Product is Being Produced and With Agreed Quality

Be updated on production and product packaging for shipment

minimize risk of product quality issues

Minimize risk of order delays and shipment

checking for product conformity

Our Inspection Packages

Bronze Inspection

Occasional phone calls to know production status

One on-site visit

Product Quantity check — All cartons

Visual product check—1 piece/item

Silver Package

Production On-site Check

2-hour Maximum Service

Workmanship Check – (about 50 pcs)

Function Check – 1 piece

Contract Product Quality – 3 pieces

Conformity Check – 3 pieces

Quantity Verification – ALL

Gold Package

Production On-site Check

Two days 4-hour Service

Workmanship Check – (up to 200pcs)

Contract Product Quality – 10 pieces

Function Check – 3 pieces

Conformity Check – 3 pieces

Quantity Verification – ALL

Choose the perfect plan

We have three different packages to choose from. All packages are cost-effective and affordable.


Per order

  • Bronze Package

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Per order

  • Silver Package

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Per order

  • Gold Package

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Frequently asked questions

What is Arialaba?

Arialaba is a B2B e-commerce marketplace. Our mission is to ensure manufacturers, wholesalers, producers can sell their products in bulk without being limited to environment, and to ensure that buyers can purchase with confidence of being protected.

How can I know you really visited the production site?

Our inspection agents have videos and pictures of each visit, and calls made. Also, you’ll be notified with result from each inspection carried out.

What is the minimum number of inspection service to subscribe to?

The minimum number of order to subscribe to is one order.

What is the maximum of inspection service to subscribe?

There is no maximum number of order to subscribe for is 10 per week. This will ensure that we offer effectiveness and efficiency to our customers.

How will I know my subcription is successful?

You’ll receive a call and an email confirmation from us on your subscription if successful.

How many days will you visit the production site per order?

For the bronze and silver package, we perform one trip to the production site or warehouse. While for our Gold package, we might perform two trips to the wharehouse or production site.

How many calls will be placed to the my supplier?

The number of calls depends on the updates we receive from your producer or supplier.

Do you have inspection agents all over Nigeria?

Our inspection service is currently available Lagos state, Abia State, Anambra state. More states will be added soon as we expand the number of our inspection agents.

Do you accept inspection agent application?

Yes, we are looking to expand our inspection agents, please fill the form ( with your details, and you’ll be contacted.