Third-Party Motor Insurance Nigeria

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Nowadays, being a car owner in Nigeria has become more of a necessity than a luxury. You don’t want to keep spending money on cab fees for the rest of your life! However, being a car owner in Nigeria comes with its responsibilities, such as getting your papers ready, fueling your car, routine maintenance, etc. but the big question is, how prepared are you for uncertainties?

Yes! As a car owner, you should be prepared to face uncertainties, one of which is motor accidents. Motor accidents occur when we least expect them, and if those involved are lucky to come out of it alive, the next line of action is usually to hold someone responsible for the damages caused; and this right here is among the causes of the traffic situation in Nigeria!

As a car owner, you wouldn’t want to find yourself in this situation, would you? No one prays to be involved in a motor accident, but what if it occurs? What if you are at fault? What if you injured someone or damaged someone’s property? Will you look for means to solve the problem, or will you argue in traffic and make us all go late to work? This is why you need a Third-Party Motor Insurance!

What Is Third-Party Motor Insurance?

Third-Party Motor Insurance Nigeria

Third-Party motor insurance is an insurance policy that covers the damage to a third party’s vehicle or property in the event of a motor accident in which the insured is clearly at fault. It also takes care of the medical expenses of the third party if there is any body injury or death resulting from the accident.

Simply put, with third-party motor insurance, when you (the insured) are involved in an accident with someone else (the third party), and you are at fault; the insurance company pays the bills for the third party, you only need to worry about yourself. This is relieving, I must say, cos there won’t be a need to fix two cars, pay hospital bills for a total stranger, or at worst, take care of funeral expenses!

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Apart from being cost-relieving, third-party motor insurance is one of the compulsory insurance policies in Nigeria. This means every car owner should at least get this cover as it is mandated by law. I bet you didn’t know this; now you do!

How Do I Get Started?

Getting a third-party motor insurance is very easy, especially if you identify with a tested and trusted insurance company, of which a perfect example is Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc. with trusted agents all over Nigeria. You will be required to register and provide details of your car, and to also select a convenient means of paying your premium.

You don’t need to travel across the country to this, as it can be done right from the comfort of your home; thanks to technology! For your convenience, you can chat with an agent for more guidelines on how to get started.

Like I stated earlier, no car owner prays to be involved in an accident, but even if it happens, a third-party motor insurance cover will be there to share the bills with you. So, go ahead and take care of yourself; the insurance company will take care of the rest…that’s one less traffic issue to worry about!

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