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Nigerian Schools Reopening 2020: How to Make Extra Cash Post-Lockdown Leave a comment

Great Nigerian students! Nigerian schools will be reopened soon. Do you remember the age-long saying about making hay while the sun shines? Well, this is the time for you to make your hay before Nigeria schools reopen. The COVID 19 pandemic has put a lot of activities on hold, mostly the economy; and cash flow has not been the same for most Nigerian families. 

Now that Nigerian schools reopening has been making news headlines; have you ever thought of how you’ll cope financially if schools reopen any moment from now? If yes, then you’re not alone. You need another source of income so that you won’t depend solely on parents and relatives for financial assistance. 

However, thinking about getting a job may not be the best option because most companies are laying off their staff, while some are slashing salaries; you’re most likely not to find any. You need to create your own job; you need a side hustle!

When Will Nigerian Schools Reopen? 

There hasn’t been any official date on the reopening of the Nigerian Education system; by that we mean ‘allowing students back to their classroom and lecture halls’. The Nigerian Ministry of Education is currently developing guidelines to enable students to return to classrooms as of the time of this post.

How Do I Get a Side Hustle Before Nigerian Schools Reopening 2020?

What do you really need to do to get a side hustle as a student in Nigeria?

POS Services

Delivery services

Cleaning and Errand Services

Data and Cable Subscription

Buying and Selling


Selling Your Textbooks, Assignments, and Project Books

It is very easy. Look around you; there may be services people need which you can offer for a token. You may have been providing these services for free; now is the perfect time to monetize them. Below we explain our list of side hustles that you can start with little or no capital before Nigerian schools reopen:

POS Services

If you live in an area that is quite far from the bank, then this side hustle is for you. You can get a POS machine from your bank and help people make deposits and withdrawals for a token. There are usually long queues at the banks these days, and people will most likely go for a more convenient alternative.

Delivery Services 

You can start a 1 person delivery service and deliver goods to different locations within your city. Do you know that many people are just shy to wear facemasks in the public? Lol, Put on your facemask, advertise your availability to run minor errands and charge for your service, and boom!! you’re making cool cash while still waiting for Nigerian school to reopen.

Also, another side-hustle is food delivery service. This side hustle is only for those who know their way around the kitchen. Many families won’t mind ordering food during this lockdown period; it saves time and stress. So if you can provide this service, then you’re on your way to making extra cash. 

All you need is your kitchen and excellent cooking skills. If your packaging is nice and your meals taste great, you’ll definitely make good sales.

Cleaning and Errand Services

A lot of people are too busy to clean their houses or offices; you can help them do this for a fee. You can even partner with a friend to do more difficult cleaning and make more money. If you can, advertise your services through your social media handle with your mobile phone, and soon, your line will be buzzing.

Data and Cable Subscription

During this lockdown period, people are either glued to their phones or TV for entertainment, news or remote jobs; hence, data and cable subscription is becoming a necessity in most homes. Why don’t you seize this opportunity and make extra cash?

Buying and Selling

Another way to make extra cash is by buying goods like bedsheets, Ankara materials, shirts, shoes, etc. at lower prices and reselling to people at a slightly higher price. You don’t need a shop for this; you can advertise your goods online and make deliveries to people.

A better alternative is to register with an online market that will help advertise your goods to a large number of internet users. With this, you only need to upload the pictures of your products on the website and watch thousands of people view and order, while you make deliveries and receive your cash from the comfort of your home. 

Arialaba is an example of such online marketplaces where you can comfortably have your online store in minutes and comfortably sell your products. 


By Freelancing, we mean anything ranging from writing gigs, programming, graphic design, etc. Freelancing means working from the comfort of your home. You should make most of the current lockdown to develop your skills and offer both international and national agencies your services. 

By having a freelancing service to offer, you’ll be in a beneficial position to cater more for yourself and your studies after the lockdown caused by the coronavirus. What more way is highly suitable for having a side hustle before Nigerian schools reopening?

Selling Your Textbooks, Assignments, and Project Books

Do you remember all those assignments you were given back in the days in school? Do you know that teachers and lecturers, and even examiners repeat questions? Also, do you know that there are many Nigerian school students who are actively searching google for those assignments, textbooks and projects? Well now you know, what are you going to do about it? 

It is best to list or upload the files of your project books, and assignments on some websites in Nigeria that will help you market them: Arialaba has that feature. You don’t have to let all those efforts to go to waste. 

You can also sell your used textbooks that don’t have any test questions integrated to it, don’t let these resources waste away, you can make money with them today.

Did we mention all possible sources of making extra cash before and after Nigerian school reopens? Drop you comment below.

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