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Interested in how to make organic soap at home or how to make organic soap in Nigeria? Do you need herbal organic soap for use against skin issues like pimples?

Since skin pimples is often more sensitive and intolerant with certain chemicals, it is advised to use homemade organic soap for the skin issues. Herbal soap benefits the skin with premium care that isn’t seen in most chemical based soaps.

Skin pimples require specific care to clean the pores in-depth, but always respecting their pH and the production of natural sebum. Following too aggressive treatments can cause a rebound effect that will harm the skin in the long term.

Find out in this article how to make organic soap in Nigeria at home that is suitable for skin pimples. Keep reading!

What Is Organic Soap?

The term “organic” is a generic term for products that are different from those made in cosmetic factories. By this term, we mean healthier and more ecological alternatives to industrial cosmetics.

It is not because it is written “organic” on the soap packaging means that the cosmetic is systematically free of the harmful substances, nor does it contain any synthetic substance.

There is no official regulation concerning the term “organic soap.” At best, this term benefits from a private label with its specifications guaranteeing the natural origin of the products used.

When an ingredient in a product is indicated as “from organic farming,” it means that it meets the official regulations of organic farming.

Therefore, this ensures that the ingredients mentioned as such come from an organic farming method (without spreading synthetic chemicals, GMO-free, etc.).

Natural and organic cosmetics nevertheless have the merit of respecting manufacturing processes and modes of production that are more respectful of the environment by prohibiting certain synthetic substances. This is one thing you should note if you’re interested in knowing how to make organic soap in Nigeria.

You still need to be aware of the specifications of the different labels to make your choice.

Certain constants are observed among organic labels:

  • Genetically modified organism (GMOs) are prohibited.
  • No mineral oils (silicone, paraffin, etc.).
  • No perfumes, dyes, synthetic pigments.
  • No artificial preservatives (phenoxyethanol, paraben).
  • A majority of the herbal soap recipe must come from organic farming.

Below are the best organic soap products sold on Arialaba by different vendors:

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How to make organic soap in Nigeria
Smooth Black Skin Girl

If we are to care about skin pimples with herbal organic soap, you should be strict about the steps to follow every morning and night. We detail them below.

In the morning, when we get up:

  • We will wash our faces with warm or cold water and our specific homemade organic soap.
  • Then, we will apply an astringent and soothing facial toner.
  • Finally, we will hydrate the skin with a light and regulating lotion.

At night, before going to bed:

To start, we will remove make-up and wash our face with the homemade organic soap.

  • Then, we will apply the tonic.
  • We will use a specific moisturizing lotion for the night.
  • Once a week, we will exfoliate ourselves and apply a face mask.

Features of Organic Soap For Skin Pimples?

Specific natural products for skin with pimples tend to have rather light textures. This is because an excess of fat can cause more pimples to appear.

However, when choosing our product, it should be borne in mind that some people with pimples do not have oily skin, but somewhat mixed or dry skin. In these cases, we should opt for regulatory ingredients, such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, and lavender.

Second, they also often include antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients to prevent and combat superinfection. One of the best natural ingredients that fulfill this function is tea tree essential oil.

Finally, soothing and regenerating ingredients such as aloe vera or rosehip allow us to calm inflammation and improve healing. Below we will enlighten you on organic soap making.

Do not forget to consult with your dermatologist the application of this natural soap, as in some cases, and it could be counterproductive.

What Do We Need For Herbal Soap Ingredients?

  • A bar of natural glycerin soap.
  • 3 tablespoons of green clay powder (30 g).
  • 2 tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil (30 g).
  • 10 drops of lavender essential oil.
  • 10 drops of tea tree essential oil.

It is important to note that essential oils must be of quality. We can buy them in herbalists, pharmacies, and natural products stores. We should not confuse them with the synthetic essences that are sold in many stores to flavor the rooms.

Organic Soap Making For Pimples: Ingredient Properties

This organic soap making is straightforward to prepare and allows us to create our recipe. Here we tell you the characteristics of the ingredients that best suit skin with pimples:

Glycerin: The base that we will use for this soap is vegetable glycerin, a mild and cleansing ingredient that softens the skin.

Green Clay: We usually use clay in masks. However, thanks to its cleansing and remineralizing properties, it is also an ideal ingredient for our organic soap making.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: Coconut oil will balance the cleaning function of this soap to prevent dryness on all skin types since it has moisturizing and regulating properties. It will not leave our skin oily, and yet it will provide us with many nutrients and exceptional softness. It also helps fight infection.

Lavender Essential Oil: Lavender is often used in many facials, as it enhances the beneficial effects of the other ingredients. In this case, it helps us to regulate the sebum of the skin, to calm it, and avoid superinfection.

Tea Tree Essential Oil: As we have indicated before, this oil has antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal properties. Therefore, it is ideal for treating any infectious skin problem.

How To Make Organic Soap At Home?

  • To start, we will put the glycerin soap bar and coconut oil in a hot stove until they melt.
  • Next, we will turn off the heat and add the rest of the ingredients, mixing them well with a spatula or spoon.
  • When everything is well mixed, we will put it in one or two molds, depending on the way we want the soap to have when it cools.
  • If we don’t have a mold, we can use a soap dish or the base of a plastic bottle.
  • When it cools down, it is ready for use.

Recommendations For Skin Pimples

Acne is a chronic inflammatory condition of the hair follicles, characterized by the formation of pimples or pimples that can be accompanied by scarring.

Because there are different skin types and the disease does not present in the same degree of severity in all people, it is recommended to go to a dermatologist for a diagnosis and offer complete advice on individualized pimples treatment.

Also, changes in diet and habits are sometimes recommended, and tips are included regarding the use of cosmetics and the treatment of scars.

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