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Steps to Take When Starting an Offline Business in Nigeria 2020 Leave a comment

Are you just starting your offline business in Nigeria? There’s no gain saying that online marketing brings a lot of benefits to small and meduim Nigerian businesses, startups and SMEs. Not only do online channels increase your brand’s visibility, it also helps to boost your authority in your particular niche, but that’s not what we will be talking about. 

For a growing offline business in Nigeria, you should never underestimate what offline business and offline marketing can do for your business.

Keep in mind that some of the best brands and even ecommerce businesses today in Nigeria, such as Arialaba, employed offline marketing techniques to grow Nigerian businesses. 

How to Grow Your Offline Business In Nigeria

Thankfully, unlike before, a big marketing budget is not required to boost your brand. With the steps below, you can take your offline business in Nigeria to the next level:

  • Spread your business card.
  • Use unique packaging.
  • Use branded merchandise.
  • Offer to help.

Spread Your Business Card

Business cards are probably one of the most cost-effective offline marketing techniques. It’s not enough to print them and leave them in a box lying around your office; you need to spread them as far as possible. 

You can even include a QR code on your business card; so that when this QR code is scanned using a mobile device, it leads to your website.

Use Unique Packaging

Packaging plays a significant role when it comes to growing brand awareness. By using a unique packaging, your products stand out from the rest. Also consider including freebies and accessories like badges and stickers that contain company information; such as Website link, address, and phone number. 

Use Branded Merchandise

Apart from the packaging, you can include your brand in bookmarks, mugs, pencils, phone cases; basically on things that people use daily. To spread them, you can consider giving them out as souvenirs or donating them to charities.

Although not considered as merchandise, but you can also put your business information on buses or other vehicles to increase awareness on the road. This tactic is cost-effective and works well in getting the attention of customers who prioritize local brands. 

Offer Free Help

Everyone loves getting free stuff, no matter how small. Just as providing free and useful information will get you a broad audience in online marketing, the same goes with the offline business in Nigeria. When you offer free help, you help strengthen your credibility and gain the audience’s trust.

With that in mind, you should always utilize offline opportunities like seminars and local radio and TV shows. You can also make yourself available for free consultations at your office or drop useful information in posters, flyers, and your branded merchandise.

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