Trade Assurance


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Trade Assurance is an innovative free service by Arialaba that is designed to create trust in trade.
We offer a set of protections to give both the vendor and the buyer assurance that key terms of their trade contracts will be honoured.

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Benefits of Trade Assurance

On-time Product Delivery

If the seller fails to ship by the maximum of 7 days duration set by Arialaba, you’re protected. Arialaba will refund you your money free of charge.

Product Quality Protection

Arialaba will refund you if the product quality or quantity does not meet what you ordered for.

Vendor Protection

Arialaba also offers protection to sellers whom goods were returned by their buyers.

Inspection Service

Arialaba offers inspection service which ensures trade quality and shipment date are met.

About us

Arialaba is a B2B e-commerce marketplace. Arialaba is registered in compliance with the Company and Allied Matters Act with CAC Registration Number RC1559595.

Our mission

Our mission is to ensure manufacturers, wholesalers, producers can sell their products in bulk without being limited to environment, and to ensure that buyers can purchase with confidence of being protected.

Our Services

  • Trade Assurance
  • Inspection Service
  • Trade intelligence
  • Business registration/Identity
  • Logistic service
  • Supplier Membership